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  1. 9 months ago
    Wed Jun 19 11:22:33 2019

    What if the app is for online website, e.g. Wordpress.

  2. Sat Jun 15 14:16:33 2019

    Then, what's the cache function meant for.
    I opened a thread to ask for clarification on the caches function if it doesn't save the web resources locally.

    Because it seems it does.

  3. Sat Jun 15 06:09:49 2019
    R Roteemy started the conversation Cache Mode - Default vs Highly Cached.

    Please, what's difference between the two types of cache and what happens if I don't choose any?

  4. Mon Jun 10 15:06:17 2019

    Í would like to know if the generated app can store online content locally for view in Offline mode when there's no internet connection.

  5. Mon Jun 10 08:33:04 2019
    R Roteemy started the conversation Is this software compatible with WordPress.

    Í want to know if this software is compatible with CMS website like Wordpress and forum build with mybb, phpbb and so on.

  6. Mon Jun 10 08:27:21 2019
    R Roteemy joined the forum.