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  1. 2 years ago
    Tue Jul 30 12:58:09 2019

    It does not work !
    Not with Android 4.4, 5.1, 6.0, 7.x, 8.1
    just as crap as before.


  2. Wed Jul 24 23:40:22 2019
    A Andreas started the conversation W2APK not work with Mobirise.

    No app for locally created websites with MOBIRISE (https://mobirise.com/ ) possible
    Error occured?

    Requires Mobirise with Design Extensions (open and edit Project))
    Download Mobirise-Project:

    Requires Mobirise with Design Extensions ( AgencyM4 )

    index.html and assets exists.
    Mobirise is not needed
    but can be used for testing with Design Extensions

  3. Thu Jul 18 14:04:49 2019

    Version 3.3 and still not all data about created app are backed up.
    This is very unfavorable when creating many apps

  4. 4 years ago
    Wed Mar 29 04:33:06 2017

    Ich wünsche mir :

    1. Eigene Signatur, eigenen Key einbinden, ganz wichtig
    2. Berechtigungen komplett verwalten. Internet und Netzwerkstatus verbieten, brauche ich nicht.

    I wish :

    1. Own signature, own key embed, very important
    2. Manage permissions completely. Internet and network status, I do not need.
  5. Wed Mar 29 02:17:02 2017
    A Andreas joined the forum.