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    Sun Dec 1 03:36:19 2019
    L lgokul posted in Custom User Agent.

    This would be great, since we can show one type of page in common browsers and another apk due to the user agent.
    It's a great idea don't you think?

  2. Fri Nov 29 21:43:44 2019
    L lgokul posted in Custom User Agent.

    In summary and for you to understand me better, that your application has the option of putting a custom user agent.

  3. Fri Nov 29 21:42:46 2019
    L lgokul started the conversation Custom User Agent.

    Hi, I'm about to buy the pro version, but I have a doubt.
    Is your application able to change a particular agent user?
    For example, set the agent user to be: APKMOBIL or another custom?
    This would be great to be able to show the web to the users of the apk.
    If you do not have this it would be a good idea since we customers could send another type of website detecting that user agent and thus show a different content in the apk application.

    Thank you, I await your response.

  4. Fri Nov 29 21:41:08 2019
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