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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Jul 30 03:25:31 2019

    Once again, I would like to commend your dedication and efforts for making it better and better
    Keep it up.

  2. 9 months ago
    Thu Dec 27 01:39:53 2018
    A amosb started the conversation Suggestions for better Website2Apk.

    First, I want to commend @ website2apk team for the good work so far and successful 2018, kudos.

    Before the release of vs 3.4 request was made for expected features, I would have love to list some but have already at one time or another asked. All though, some of the requests were considered but a lot left.

    For the record, kindly consider these soonest:

    • api to hide admob banner on some pages: will be useful for hybrid app with login, registration and similar pages
    • more ad base e.g (facebook audience network)
    • api to share url or text on install apps
    • inapp purchase (if possible)
    • full doc on push admin api responses
    • affiliate portal for your services


  3. Tue Dec 25 14:51:15 2018
    A amosb posted in Social Media Share Problem.

    I remember I once asked for feature that would have easily address this kind of situation, however seeing 'intent' above called my attention.

    Am aware of the website2apk api that makes opening of links possible, however, what js code or api can be called to open apps installed on the phone for content or link sharing.

    In addition can we have example(s) of intent links?
    My little knowledge of this is about deep linking for individual app which may not be easy way to go by for bigginers ....


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    Sat Oct 13 23:57:42 2018


  5. Sat Oct 13 23:56:44 2018
    A amosb posted in showInterstitialAd() api.

    Thanks for your reply.

    By disabling time based Ad, I believe you mean Instastial Ad section should be disabled when generating the app.

  6. Sat Oct 13 22:37:01 2018
    A amosb started the conversation showInterstitialAd() api.


    Though yet to test this api, would like to know

    • is calling the api overrides the default frequency for Instastiala Ad set while generating app
    • does it make Instastial Ad display immediately on the page when call?
  7. Sat Oct 13 16:23:16 2018
    A amosb started the conversation Share to Social JS API Function.

    Greetings @ website2apk.

    I believe it will be great if API that can allow custom text or link share to social apps can be added just like it shows for 'share app' with default text input while generating it.

    Would love to also remind the team about check 'Broadcast Push Status' api and responses for PushAdmin Api calls.


  8. Thu Sep 27 00:33:38 2018

    Sorry for the mix up, was trying to ask for how to check 'Broadcast Push Status'.

    The api only allowed for subscribe and unsubscribe unlike the Personalized Ads api that has the 3

  9. Wed Sep 26 09:26:59 2018

    Can you please kindly respond to the 'Check Non Personalized Ads Status' aspect of my question?

  10. Wed Sep 26 07:19:54 2018


    Was going through javascript api for Website2Apk, suprise the stated feature is not added... Was it omitted or currently not available?
    By the way, Happy to see that of 'Check Non Personalized Ads Status'

    First, thanks for adding PushAdmin Api features.
    By the way, why are likely responses to the api not added?

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