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    Mon Jan 4 05:03:10 2021
    A amosb posted in Suggestions for Update v4.2.

    Is really good update is coming earlier than expected this time.. Kudos.

    1) As usual, target the highest available API

    2) Js API is very important and I believe should always be the priority in every release... Even if requested/suggested Js api function can't be included, always try to add other possible ones to breach the gap.
    The closer Website2Apk software can make our hybrid app look like Native app, the happier we are....take hints from what the likes of phonegap can do.

    3) Please, per release, always update the relevant and corresponding documents/pages on your website, most especially the js api doc.
    Am a Web developer with knowledge in PHP, Js, Jquery, CSS.., I don't mind joining the team in this capacity for better website2apk.

    4) Kindly help look into apis for performing basics functions on phones; reading contacts, messages..

  2. Wed Feb 26 18:50:55 2020
    A amosb posted in Suggestions for Update v4.0.

    Another welcome development as always.

    However, would like to bring to the attention of the team that since the last update and even before that, there have been suggestions and requests.

    Can the Team kindly list/give hints on what are to be expected base on some of our previous feedback?

    However, kindly consider the following :

    Javascripts API

    • Read Phone Contacts/Select Contact from phone
    • Read Phone Message or latest message
    • Get network status
    • Read users' location
    • Create, Update and Read folder/dir


    • I notice BLACK background always show up before Splash Screen at the launch of app created with the software, is it possible to remove it or make it white? Please work on it.
    • Status bar colour change
    • Ad order than Admob
    • Full Firebase Push Notifications feature support e.g Image in notification.
    • Deep Linking features for App to open with link click and target page in app
    • Latest API level; 29 for android 10
    • Ability to select minimum supported android version.
  3. 2 years ago
    Thu Oct 24 14:09:01 2019

    Seen, just for future reference and pending the time it will be updated on JavaScript API page - 'isBroadcastEnabled()'.

  4. Thu Oct 24 13:54:52 2019
    A amosb started the conversation subscribePushNotificationStatus().

    Once asked for subscribePushNotificationStatus() js api, can't remember if I was told is now supported because is not updated on the JS api page.

    If supported as I suppose, kindly give the function and update on the JavaScript Api page as soon as possible.


  5. Thu Oct 24 13:46:13 2019

    Thanks for the update

  6. Thu Oct 24 02:48:13 2019

    Am seriously and urgently interested in this feature through firebase, any development?

    Going through the trend, the Admin said is available with premium plans, how can it be accessed? however hope is not PushAdmin API?


  7. Thu Oct 24 02:35:06 2019
    A amosb started the conversation Images and Push Notification.

    Greetings @ website2Apk Admin, more appreciation for your effort in making the awesome software available at affordable price.

    Firebase Image in Push Notification from console does not display in App created by the software, WHY?

    I understand before now that Image in Notification is available through PushAdmin but there was no Image field in Firebase Console then, though it would have been possible if 'key-value' pair for image and other data is made available to us by website2Apk team, anyway I understand it might have affect PushAdmin subscription, However, this is 2019, developers and clients expect more, if the feature is directly available in Firebase console, it will be good is supported by default.

    On the other hand, 'key-value' pair for additional data can be made available for people that can use it. I believe doing this won't reduce PushAdmin users but rather increase the software user base and reduce the number of people using crack versions.

    Note: Have been a premium user for over 2-3years and have active PushAdmin Account, this is beyond personal interest and gain but for better website2Apk.


  8. Tue Jul 30 03:25:31 2019

    Once again, I would like to commend your dedication and efforts for making it better and better
    Keep it up.

  9. 3 years ago
    Thu Dec 27 01:39:53 2018
    A amosb started the conversation Suggestions for better Website2Apk.

    First, I want to commend @ website2apk team for the good work so far and successful 2018, kudos.

    Before the release of vs 3.4 request was made for expected features, I would have love to list some but have already at one time or another asked. All though, some of the requests were considered but a lot left.

    For the record, kindly consider these soonest:

    • api to hide admob banner on some pages: will be useful for hybrid app with login, registration and similar pages
    • more ad base e.g (facebook audience network)
    • api to share url or text on install apps
    • inapp purchase (if possible)
    • full doc on push admin api responses
    • affiliate portal for your services


  10. Tue Dec 25 14:51:15 2018
    A amosb posted in Social Media Share Problem.

    I remember I once asked for feature that would have easily address this kind of situation, however seeing 'intent' above called my attention.

    Am aware of the website2apk api that makes opening of links possible, however, what js code or api can be called to open apps installed on the phone for content or link sharing.

    In addition can we have example(s) of intent links?
    My little knowledge of this is about deep linking for individual app which may not be easy way to go by for bigginers ....


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