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  1. 10 months ago
    Mon May 25 10:12:17 2020
    H htmalbenur started the conversation info on some app function.

    Hi Mr ADM, I would like to have a manual to be able to configure my application, there are certain terms as for example: in the BROWSER CONFIGURATION, CACHE MODE, PROGRESS WHEEL that are not clear to me to have a configuration of my application. Thank you

  2. last year
    Sat Feb 29 12:25:58 2020
    H htmalbenur started the conversation Web Url error.

    Hello, thank you already for your help and support, I used the web url option, and I put the url address of the site, after after buil the APP it is istaller without problem but to go to the site I got this message: Oops, Some Error Occured! tray again.

    what can I do plz


  3. Fri Feb 28 04:41:48 2020
    H htmalbenur started the conversation Directory of local web site.

    Hello I need your help plz, when I try to choose the directory of my web site I have this message: Selected folder does not contain startup index.html fil.

    How you can help me plz.


  4. Thu Feb 27 16:12:34 2020
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