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    Wed Dec 19 08:13:03 2018
    J Jayaprakash posted in User Agent Hiding - Hide WebView UA.

    That's pretty straightforward answer,
    thank you very much,
    it would be great if you add any reference, proof or example for that, because I have had a very bitter experience with Google Play! You can send me personally in mail!


  2. Tue Dec 18 15:55:56 2018
    J Jayaprakash posted in User Agent Hiding - Hide WebView UA.

    That's why I am asking...
    Your previous answer was not straightforward.

    What if I use the option "Hide WebView User Agent" & upload it to Google Play Store?

    Will it safe & comply with policies?

  3. Sun Dec 16 23:31:56 2018
    J Jayaprakash posted in User Agent Hiding - Hide WebView UA.

    So it means that you are not sure about the policies?

  4. Sat Dec 15 08:42:02 2018
    J Jayaprakash started the conversation User Agent Hiding - Hide WebView UA.

    V3.3 - Hide WebView User Agent (Allows login with Google and Many more).

    Google disallows authentication with embedded browsers called webviews, so...
    Is v3.3 that OK with google policies?
    because we are going to publish the app on Google Play Store.


  5. 2 years ago
    Sat Jul 1 21:05:39 2017
    J Jayaprakash posted in Better Update Suggestions.

    @Doc Amedeo Hello,
    i think it would be more useful if these options will be in the next update
    1.Progress wheel in gif
    2.RATE US on google store BUTTON
    4.another ad company beside ADMOB
    5.Inactivity reminder (like a push notification but more simple, the application send to user a specific msg after ex:2 days of inactivity)
    6.Menu UPDATE (about-exit-share-RATE-REFRESH-LINK TO FB/WEBSITE/TWITTER/YOUTUBE/INSTAGRAM) in top fixed mode not hidden or a slide panel which would be much better.

    Great suggestions!
    I also want these,
    I support! (^o^)丿

    Also it would be great, if all the above features with option to enable or disable so that we can disable unnecessary options.
    For example,
    I guess inactivity reminder for x days may require the app to run in background, so obviously it may take little more battery, so if any developer don't want this reminder, disabling may save little battery!

  6. Sat Jul 1 21:02:38 2017
    J Jayaprakash posted in Adding Navigation Drawer Menu.

    @entire3d Hello is there any way that we can add menu to out apps?

    And can we add few pages on the menu like #About us #Contact us etc..

    The could be drawer menu, so people can slide the menu from left or can click on drawer to explore the menu.

    Please let me know if we can add a menu to our app.


    Kindly consider this as feature request...
    Kindly add material app menu by default (also option to disable), and it is better the menu button clearly visible.
    Yes, now the app has menu, but it is like hidden menu, we have to press and hold phone button to show menu.
    If users want to share the app, they will wonder " Where is the share option? Where is the about option?"

    Kindly add app menu either material menu or chrome browser like menu!

  7. Fri Jun 30 22:32:33 2017

    @gmann Don't know if this will help, but my app uses JSON for data storage/retrieval and it works without any issues. I didn't add any permissions for this, it just works as long as you stay within your app directory. Unchecked all the options except the on exit one.

    Yep, it helps :)

  8. Thu Jun 29 00:47:49 2017

    I didn't test HTML storage using the software, i just have a question.

  9. Wed Jun 28 23:37:12 2017

    I am testing my HTML game with demo version only!
    Also i eagerly waiting to buy the software once it has interstitial ad control like we discussed earlier for the HTML game!

  10. Tue Jun 27 13:29:25 2017

    If I use html5 storage api or cookie in my local HTML files, is it necessary to select READ, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission?

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