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  1. 3 hours ago
    Mon Apr 19 04:40:38 2021
    K kimberley started the conversation please answer my ticket.

    hi guys,

    please answer my Ticket #039-4BB-AB9F8

    warm regards K

  2. 6 months ago
    Tue Oct 13 07:42:14 2020

    Hi guys,

    Could please explain the difference between the cache settings please.

    Default and High settings?

    i am using a mobile website as page how will the cache work on that?

  3. 8 months ago
    Sat Aug 1 08:05:33 2020
    K kimberley posted in There's a trojan in my apk?.

    i have updated to v4.1 today and i have added the .apk file on my website so user can download from there.

    when they install they get virus warning please see screenshot here https://ibb.co/jbJv1Fm
    any ideas why?

  4. Thu Jul 30 07:43:35 2020
    K kimberley posted in There's a trojan in my apk?.

    Hi admin,
    i did mention this in a support ticket a month ago and i am using v4.0 version.
    is it a fix for this yet?

    warm regards Kim

  5. Thu Jul 30 07:31:59 2020
    K kimberley posted in API Level 29 Update.

    Hello admin, do we need to change existing apps on google play store?

  6. 9 months ago
    Sat Jul 4 05:07:46 2020

    hi guys,

    i have made the icon 512x512 but it not showing full size on latest android phone please see here https://pasteboard.co/Jg4Ee9y.jpg

    as you can see other icons is filling up the whole space.

    any ideas?

  7. Tue Jun 30 04:37:43 2020
    K kimberley posted in Push notifications setup.

    thx admin.

    i manage to download google-services.json file to my pc but i have no android studio.

    do i need that to proceed?

  8. Tue Jun 30 02:24:57 2020
    K kimberley posted in Push notifications setup.

    Hello Admin,

    as i am new to this and have no idea what to do, what is integration of google-services.json file?

    and i just signup to push notifications on your site here https://websitetoapk.com/pushadmin/

    so should i follow this instructions https://websitetoapk.com/docs/setting-up-firebase-fcm.html?ref=pushadmin

    Sorry for not understanding


  9. Sat Jun 27 03:21:49 2020
    K kimberley started the conversation Push notifications setup.

    just quick question.

    i just signup for push notification do i need to signup for something else to make it work?

    sorry if i dont understand.

  10. 10 months ago
    Mon Jun 15 06:44:54 2020
    K kimberley joined the forum.