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  1. 8 weeks ago
    Sun Aug 1 06:41:38 2021

    @JOHNNY inside App Bundle is already there for web URL based apps. For Offline Apps, It will be available in a few days. If you want it now, raise a ticket, we will provide you an early access.

  2. Thu Jul 29 13:13:36 2021
    admin posted in API Level 30.

    Now, API Level 30 is available with v5.0.

  3. Thu Jul 29 13:13:18 2021

    Now, API Level 30 is available with v5.0.

  4. Thu Jul 29 12:58:00 2021

    Announcing a new release v5.0 Pro.

    Latest API Level 30 Support
    Android App Bundle (.aab) Support
    **Bug Fixes

  5. 2 months ago
    Tue Jul 27 08:45:16 2021
    admin posted in SHA-1 is not the same.

    Raise a support ticket:

  6. Sat Jul 24 08:07:18 2021
    admin posted in Share App Button not work?.

    Since it works perfectly and it seems your specific issue, kindly raise a support ticket.

  7. Tue Jul 20 22:44:55 2021
    admin posted in API Level 30.

    @ifx Rest assured, it is under testing.

  8. Fri Jul 16 21:22:02 2021

    Raise a ticket and support will assist you:

  9. Wed Jul 14 21:48:07 2021

    You can use HTML LocalStorage / Cookies to save last page and re-open it automatically, it can be an another way around. However, it will open to the same last page if you just open the minimized app and not restart it.

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