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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Dec 17 05:01:48 2019
    admin posted in Does PHP+SQL app works ?.

    If you create app in "Local HTML" mode, you cannot use PHP. If your files are hosted and you are using URL, then only it will work.

  2. Thu Dec 5 10:13:33 2019
    admin posted in Changes on Facebook login?.

    You need to debug your app to check console error and get to know the exact issue:

  3. Thu Dec 5 10:12:57 2019

    Yes, Take a look at our APIs:

  4. Sat Nov 30 11:48:13 2019
    admin posted in Custom User Agent.

    @lgokul We will possibly add this feature in upcoming release by check cross compatibility with Google Play policies.

  5. Thu Nov 28 07:35:52 2019

    @nirmaldev , You can click on "Custom" in Splash screen option and choose your own PNG Image.

  6. 3 months ago
    Sun Nov 17 13:28:27 2019

    @LuisGarcia ,
    Kindly raise a support ticket, forums is not intended for personal support issues:

    Note that this warning is not related to piracy issue.

  7. Thu Nov 14 06:12:02 2019

    You can use Splash Image of 720x1280px to fit most of the devices.

  8. 4 months ago
    Thu Oct 24 13:46:21 2019

    @amosb , We thank you for your continuous support.

    We would like to assure that we will make default firebase features available with upcoming releases. PushAdmin is to make it easier, not just for the purpose for charging users, as you can see our pricing for PushAdmin is very affordable just to cover up our service costs. :)

  9. Thu Oct 24 13:43:36 2019

    @amosb , We will surely make these new firebase notifications supported with upcoming releases.

  10. Wed Oct 23 23:20:01 2019

    @firzafadi You may get into legal trouble as well as it is major security concern also, along with that there might be unsafe codes injected in pirated copies.

    We sincerely request you to kindly DO NOT use pirated copies and support our work and development by making a purchase for genuine copy.

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