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    Fri Nov 17 09:16:19 2017
    lifeisliberty posted in Suggestions for Update v3.1.

    Hello Sirji,

    We are all waiting for the feature list of announcement of new version ... and tentative dates of release?


  2. Sun Nov 5 10:00:24 2017
    lifeisliberty started the conversation Please remove captcha from support ticket system.


    The captacha which is there before submitting a ticket is very annoying especially on mobile.

    Request you to remove atleast for registered and logged in users.

    I dont see any point in have a captcha for registered and logged in user.

    Best Regards

  3. Fri Nov 3 11:01:35 2017
    lifeisliberty posted in Suggestions for Update v3.1.

    Push Admin Panel some more suggestions.

    1. A option to delete an added app.
    2. A option to save sent items and ease of reusing same message again.
    3. Reports can be exported to excel.
    4. Importing bulk messages schedule via. excel after scheduling feature is made available.
    5. Sending multiple app same message simultaneously.

    Also making available scheduling same message for multiple apps.

    Lastly though it is responsive but making it on mobiles as a app would be great so as many just like myself may be sending notifications from mobile by logging into push admin over mobile phone.
    So if its more easy and prominent icons like an app it would be awesome.

    Though 4 desktop its perfect.

    Best Regards

  4. Tue Oct 31 09:07:51 2017
    lifeisliberty posted in Suggestions for Update v3.1.


    1. Gif animation or .gif image support in splash screen.
    2. alignment of image used in splash screen as center, left, right, top, bottom to screen.
    3. Progress wheel image supports .png files only it would be great to have .gif animation or.gif file support.
    4. splash screen size be better assigned to screens.
    5. Custom exit message option upon ( confirm on exit ).
    6. Scheduling option for push notifications in pushadmin.

    Apart from this some issue resolutions on previous versions such as that of firebase and google app signing.


  5. Mon Oct 16 14:22:37 2017

    @admin Here you see, detection ratio is (5/63). The most well-known anti-viruses have marked it safe, some less-common programs have only detected it.

    Now, we ask your suggestions about the issue.


    I am having malwarebytes downloaded from google play store and even when it is showing in the virustotal website as clean but on my mobile it says the app is a virus and asks to remove.
    Malwarebytes is not the only app but even macfee is doing the same. Please download and check for yourself. Please help with a solution.
    Also there is no reporting option in Malwarebytes to send them as false positive and get it removed from virus list.


  6. Thu Oct 5 12:50:15 2017


    I have attached the gif image I recorded of the issue.
    Non of the field names were cleared when I clicked on new project after pressing OK.


    Package name, version, about text are a few to name.


  7. Thu Oct 5 01:15:57 2017
    lifeisliberty started the conversation File > New ( Does not clear text in all fields ).


    I completed one app now I went to file > new it prompted me that this would clear all fields but when I clicked OK the fields did not clear and the old project text was still as it is.


  8. Wed Oct 4 21:37:18 2017
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