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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Nov 4 00:26:41 2017

    Any news with the new malware-free update? : D I want to buy the PRO version

  2. Mon Oct 23 01:58:18 2017

    please gentlemen, solve this problem I really want to buy the pro version, right now !!! is very good program but if we still have those virus problems, it is not possible to work like this, I hope a solution is ready

  3. Wed Oct 11 14:33:52 2017

    Good afternoon, I want to buy the pro version but I'm afraid that the malware problem still exists, the antivirus detects me as a virus when I install my application, was there any current information about this case?

  4. Wed Oct 11 14:09:09 2017
    Z zack joined the forum.