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  1. 2 years ago
    Mon Dec 4 02:34:02 2017
    B bibis posted in Virus Detected in App.

    When are you going to update the app so its not full of viruses?

  2. Sat Dec 2 11:24:18 2017

    @admin @bibis @zack , We are working on an Update. You can expect it for sure amid November. We will try to roll it out asap.

    Well, it's December and the software still produces virus android applications.

  3. Mon Nov 20 04:57:20 2017

    Its 20th November and the app still produce app with viruses. When are you going to update?

  4. Sat Oct 21 04:04:51 2017

    For the final users a virus is a virus when antivirus programs report an app as a threat. They dont care for false positives etc.

    Are you gonna update the software so it can produce apps free of viruses or no?

    When are you gonna do this? Tomoroow? Next week? Next year? Or never?

    I think that you fcued us in the ass and you dont want to update the software. Give us a date or make another clean version with less features. It s not an option for us to report false positives to every antivirus program. We didnt pay for that.

  5. Sun Oct 15 13:59:08 2017

    Its not an option to reporting false positive. We dont paid for that. Where did you see that thing that you say to us? You sold us an app and its producting apk with viruses. Are you serious? You have to fixe that problem by working all day and all night. It s not a bug problem. Its a virus problem and is urgent. Do you know that maybe google fcuk our accounts for that? I didnt paid for that. I paid for a program that could produce at least safe apps. I am gonna open a dispute on paypal if you dont fix the problem at the next 2 days.

  6. Sun Oct 15 13:51:42 2017
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