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  1. 2 years ago
    Sat Apr 22 08:15:38 2017

    Yes, to keep us informed of the latest JAVA updates.

    But also, and more importantly, obsolete versions of Java in the system may pose a security risk, so the version 7 of JAVA that is used by web2site is a greater risk than having updated to the latest version , Which, among other things, corrects security breaches.

  2. Thu Apr 20 00:00:23 2017

    Keeping obsolete versions of Java in the system may pose a security risk.




  3. 3 years ago
    Thu Mar 30 11:51:56 2017
    S SuBc posted in 2.4 version Expected Date.

    Same is what they are looking for, because I do not understand that when reporting a fault record, they do not solve it by getting an update, as all other programs do.

    I have to use it with local web pages, and from the day I buy it I still have not been able to use it.

  4. Thu Mar 30 08:14:22 2017
    S SuBc posted in 2.4 version Expected Date.

    12 months?

    What is an update every year?

    Puff, how barbaric, I see that bugs that have been detected are not corrected with new updates.

  5. Tue Mar 28 05:18:53 2017
    S SuBc posted in Pre Purchase Question.

    Well, if this error or failure has been detected for some time, I think that, from my point of view, it could have been corrected some time ago, and have updated the application with version 2.3.1, and not only with that bug corrected, because It is not the only error or failure it has, and not have to wait several months to be updated with a new version 2.4 to be able to use the application.


  6. Sun Mar 19 06:43:05 2017

    Hi, I know that they are working on the new update, but if they arrive on time these changes would be good to have them, as the ones commented by donceccia, it would be nice to have them.

    Also a browser compatible to use APIs, such as API File and be compatible with reading files from the SD Card, webview is not worth as browser because it is not compatible.

  7. Thu Mar 16 16:44:16 2017

    Thank you very much

  8. Wed Mar 15 18:48:02 2017

    When does the update come out? Because since I bought the application I could not use it, you can not create applications with local web pages, iframe do not work, and no matter how much they say Ajax does not work when creating applications with local web pages.

    So I'm looking forward to the new version, and to use it at once with these errors correctors.

    Do you have a date?

  9. Wed Mar 15 01:02:44 2017

    It would also be nice if you could install plugins.

    Will you be able to open files locally?

  10. Wed Mar 8 04:33:39 2017

    To see if we can now have website2apk less incomplete so that it does not work only with very basic web, and create web locally without so many problems, because when using iframe, frameset, frame, object, etc. Does not give good results.

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