Posted by Administrator on 13 November 2019 12:29 am

Announcing a new release v3.4 Pro.

Changelog (Added Features) in v3.4 Pro
Latest API Level 28
Better handling for SSL related errors
Updated Firebase and AdMob library versions
Fix Audio Play Bug
Overview mode enabled along with Desktop mode.
Push notifications automatically expandable when description is longer
Cookies now work with offline files too
JS API to show/hide AdMob banner on selected pages
JS API to get package name of App
.Webapp project now saves permissions, push config and progress wheel also.
**Bug Fixes

Posted by Administrator on 05 February 2019 05:39 pm

Announcing a new release v3.3.1 Pro.

Changelog (Added Features) in v3.3.1 Pro
Option to remove JavaScript APIs (In response to JavaScript Interface Injection Vulnerability)
Desktop Mode
HTTPs Only Mode (In response to JavaScript Interface Injection Vulnerability & Better Security)
Debug Mode can now display SSL related errors on your screen)
**Minor Bug Fixes

Posted by Administrator on 04 December 2018 03:18 pm

Announcing a new release v3.3 Pro Plus

Changelog (Added Features) in v3.3 Pro

Keep Screen On while playing full screen videos 
Hide WebView User Agent (Allows login with Google and Many more). 
Added option to select if you want to overlap new notification to existing or show as new. 
Added "isBroadcastEnabled" JS API Function 
Audio recording now working. 
**Bug Fixes 

Posted by Administrator on 01 July 2018 12:59 am

Announcing a new release v3.2 Pro Plus with Updated SDK Level 27, Push Notification API Access, Individual Push Notifications & much more.

Changelog (Added Features)

GDPR Compliant AdMob Functions (JS APIs)
Allow or DisAllow Screenshot
XSS Vulnerability Issue Fix (via File Access Option)
Push Notifications API Access (Via PushAdmin)
Scheduled Notifications (Via PushAdmin)
Updated API Level 27
New JavaScript APIs : getFirebaseDeviceToken, subscribeBroadcastPush
unsubscribeBroadcastPush, showInterstitialAd, disableNpa, enableNpa, isNpaEnabled 
Individual Push Notofications (Via PushAdmin API)
**Bug Fixes