Anti-Virus Reports the App created is Malware

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  2. 2 years ago

    @admin Here you see, detection ratio is (5/63). The most well-known anti-viruses have marked it safe, some less-common programs have only detected it.

    Now, we ask your suggestions about the issue.


    I am having malwarebytes downloaded from google play store and even when it is showing in the virustotal website as clean but on my mobile it says the app is a virus and asks to remove.
    Malwarebytes is not the only app but even macfee is doing the same. Please download and check for yourself. Please help with a solution.
    Also there is no reporting option in Malwarebytes to send them as false positive and get it removed from virus list.


  3. Edited 2 years ago by bibis

    For the final users a virus is a virus when antivirus programs report an app as a threat. They dont care for false positives etc.

    Are you gonna update the software so it can produce apps free of viruses or no?

    When are you gonna do this? Tomoroow? Next week? Next year? Or never?

    I think that you fcued us in the ass and you dont want to update the software. Give us a date or make another clean version with less features. It s not an option for us to report false positives to every antivirus program. We didnt pay for that.

  4. please gentlemen, solve this problem I really want to buy the pro version, right now !!! is very good program but if we still have those virus problems, it is not possible to work like this, I hope a solution is ready

  5. admin

    23 Oct 2017 Administrator

    @bibis @zack , We are working on an Update. You can expect it for sure amid November. We will try to roll it out asap.

  6. Any news with the new malware-free update? : D I want to buy the PRO version

  7. admin

    4 Nov 2017 Administrator

    @zack , First of all, It is already malware Free. We have already resolved it till much extent by contacting anti-virus teams, we are working on an update, we will be announcing it soon.

  8. Its 20th November and the app still produce app with viruses. When are you going to update?

  9. The same problem. I want to buy the PRO version but I have many doubts in its application.
    Please publish a real date of the solution

  10. @admin @bibis @zack , We are working on an Update. You can expect it for sure amid November. We will try to roll it out asap.

    Well, it's December and the software still produces virus android applications.

  11. admin

    4 Dec 2017 Administrator Answer
    Edited 2 years ago by admin

    With v3.1 by signing Apps with your custom keystore, this issue will be resolved.


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