Suggestions for Update v3.3

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    19 Nov 2018 Administrator

    We are about to release an update soon, your suggestions are welcome to us.

  2. It would greatly facilitate the management of several projects, if it were possible to create a script to create a project and generate the .apk automatically.

  3. Deleted last year by dodo008
  4. admin

    30 Nov 2018 Administrator

    @dodo008 , Seems like we don't have to do this thing at our side, you need to consider adding proper access permissions and content according to COPPA.

  5. In-App Purchases for remove ads

  6. its okay .

    so I suggest the privacy policy page feature at the beginning of the application display

    like this


  7. I have an opinion, what if you add an ad type other than AdMob, for example a video reward or startapp

  8. I want to release a paid apps in play store but i don't want people downloads the apps and clone as apk file and share it to others. How to prevent an apps from being copied?

  9. admin

    4 Dec 2018 Administrator

    @Crypt , Best approach would be to keep your contents server side and implement authentication.

  10. admin

    4 Dec 2018 Administrator

    v3.3 is now available for download.


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