Download v3.1 (Latest Release)

Push Notifications & Custom Keystore (New)
System Requirements:
Java Runtime Environment 7+ (JRE 8 required for using Custom Keystore)
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 or Later
Supported OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (All Editions)

Changelog (Added Features)

v3.1 Pro

Custom Keystore (JRE 8 Required)
New Admob SDK v9 Updated
New AdMob Smart Banner Ads
Scheduled Notifications (Via PushAdmin)
Adjust Screen Layout while Typing
New JavaScript APIs : Version Code & Name, Refresh Page, ClickMenuButton, printPage
Download via Download Manager
**Bug Fixes

v3.0.2 Pro

Push Notifications
Image Push Notification (Via PushAdmin)
Persistent Cookies
App Orientataion Bug Fixed
New JavaScript APIs
**Bug Fixes

v2.3 Pro

JavaScript APIs to Share App, Display Toasts, Exit App, Open External Links, etc.
FullScreen Mode Full Support
Chrome Debugging Support (Optional)
HTML5 Video FullScreen Support
Gesture Zoom (Optional with Zoom Buttons)
HTML5 Vibration API Full Support
Interstitial Ads Fixed
File Uploading Support to the Latest Versions of Android
API Level Upgraded
**Bug Fixes

v2.2 Pro

jQuery, Ionic & jQueryMobile support for Offline HTML Apps.
App Share Button
FullScreen Mode
Vibration Support
Skype, Whatsapp, SMS, Intent links Support
Externl Links Open Outside (Optional Supprted)
Confirm on Exit (Optional to Enable)
**Bug Fixes

v2.1 Pro

Interstitial Ads
Save Projects
Configure Caching Options
Enable or Disable Text Selection
Enable or Disable Cache
Enable or Disable 'Save Form Data'
Enable or Disable 'Long Clicking'
Use WideView Option
Enable Flash Option
Enable or Disable Side ScrollBars
Set Exit Mode
**Bug Fixes

v2.0 Pro

Admob Integration
Set App Orinetation
Set progress wheel at center or any corners.
Offline HTML5 video support.
More Reliable and faster
**Bug Fixes

v1.2.1.1 Pro

Login Session Keeping Fixed
Camcorder Upload Fixed

v1.2.1 Pro

Location(GPS) bug fixed
Screen adjustment issues fixed

v1.2 Pro

Custom Error Pages
Splash issues fixed
Faster loading
Enable or Disable In-App Zoom.
Better Caching Options
External Links Support(mail:,tel:,market:)
File Upload Supported
Custom Progress Wheel
Camera Upload
Fixed reload issue on device rotate

v1.1 Pro

Change Package Name
Change App Version
About Text Change
Custom App Permissions

v1.0.1 Beta

Splash Screen Options
Performance and UI Improvements
Bug Fixes

v1.0 Beta

Initial Release