External link not function

  1. 2 months ago

    Dear Website2APK
    We use website2APK Builder Pro 3.3.1 and also select " Allow External URLs" when creating a new app.
    But once we generate the app. The link that appear in our website does not function. When we press the link. Nothing happen.

    How can we solve this issue ?


  2. admin

    Apr 3 Administrator

    "Allow External Links" is meant to allow all other domains than your app domain to be opened within app, links always works regardless of this option checked or not.

    Further you can debug as follows: https://websitetoapk.com/docs/debugging-with-chrome.html

  3. Do you have an email or chat app ? I will send APK that have issue about external link to you. So you can take a look and feedback me about the issue.

  4. 7 weeks ago

    I have the same problem imgur images are not displayed, if i create an app with any other generators it is working.

  5. It's funny though, I have just compiled my app (CUtubers) using W2Apk builder Pro version 3.3.3. The external links are working on a Samsung Galaxy s9+ with Android 9, but not working on a Blu Advance 4.0 L2 with Android 6.

    This is the code to dynamically generate my links (maybe it shows some problem):

    SetVar "[linkVar]" "[DataList.Record.TheAddress]?parameter=1" "String"

    It basically creates a var and assigns to it the concatenation of a var and a text.
    Then, it uses the API to launch that URL. In fact, I use a YouTube link and YouTube (the app) opens when the link is launched.

    Is it me or there's a problem causing this funny behaviour? This is the most important feature of my app and most of my target uses cheap phones. It sets my app close to useless. Any help wanted ASAP.


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