Product Documentation

Configure Extras Options

All information about the options provided on 'Extras' pane on the right.

Support Zoom

This option allows you to enable or disable zoom for your webpages using finger gesture.

Zoom Buttons

It can Show/Hide the Zoom Out / Zoom In buttons for your app.

Side Scrollbars

It enables scrollbars for your webpages

Text Selection

Enable/Disable text selection within your app to protect your content from direct copy.

Save Form Data

Enable/Disable remembering form data. (This option works depending on Android versions)

Full Screen

Use this option to make your app full-screen by hiding your device status bar.

JavaScript APIs

JavaScript APIs are a bridge between your web application and native Android App, you can use these options by checking the examples provided on the documentation page.

HTTPs Only Content

It prevents your app from loading any requests over Non-encrypted (HTTP) networks and loads only Secure HTTP (HTTPs) requests.

Allow External URLs

This option allows/disallows opening of external (other than your app's main domain) links inside app or on external browser.

Confirm on Exit

This options makes your app to confirm to user before exiting.

Enable GPS Prompt

It asks your user to enable GPS on the device in case not turned ON.

Disallow Screenshot

It prevents users from taking screenshot of your app screens.

Allow File Access

It allows your app to access locally stored files (Required while using HTML files to create an offline app)

Allow Cross Origin (For Local Files)

Use this option when you needs to call cross origin requests like if your Offline app uses network requests or make API calls to load data. (Usually not required when using URL to crate app)

Show Toolbar (Title)

It enables you to display a toolbar on your app showing your app title.

Live Toolbar Title

Enabling this option makes your app toolbar title to change as per your webpage's title.

Home Button

Display a home button on on the toolbar to navigate/visit your app's homepage with a single click.

Pull to Refresh

Enables users to refresh app using just pull to refresh finger gesture.

This documentation is still under development, we are working to add more things to it to make it complete. Keep yourself up to date by visiting this page whenever you needs any help. If heaving some issues, you can contact Support