From Where should i download?
To download "Website 2 APK Builder Pro" Click Here.
What are official download sources?
We officially release our software on Sourceforge, Softpedia, Softonic, Github, Cnet.
What is "Unique Product ID"?
Unique product ID is a software generated key to identify PC on which activation is to be done. Here is a guide to find it
How to purchase Pro version?
To purchase Pro Version Click Here.
Is there any other payment method available?
We have PayPal, 2Checkout, Instamojo as payment methods, which allows you to pay with any of your Credit/Debit Card or a PayPal Account. If you are heaving trouble paying any of them, Drop us a mail Here.
When will i get my activation key?
You will get your activation key shortly after your payment has been done!.
Where can i get update information?
You can subscribe to our newsletter to get update notifications Here.
Will i get free update if i buy it now?
You will get free updates to software for 1 year after your purchase.
How can i monetize my apps?
You can monetize your apps with your favourite Ad-Network using AdMob Adverstising ID.
What kind of ads will i be able to add to my apps?
You can use both banner and interstitial ads to monetize your app. You willonly need to input Ad-Unit ID to setup admob.
What ads will get displayed?
Ad display is to be maintained by you yourself using your admob account.
How do i get ad payouts?
We don't pay for any ads, you and your ad-network probably Admob is solely responsible for that.
How do i publish my apps?
If you are using Pro version, you can publish your apps to any of favourite app store including Google Play at your own, you are free to distribute and publish your apps.
How to publish apps on Google Play?
You will need a Google Play Developer Account to publish apps on google play..
Getting Certificate Error While publishing on Google Play?
This error is usually seen by users of free version, Pro version users get a fully google play ready app, so they don't ever face any such error.
What is "Website type to convert"?
You can create an offline as well as online app using "Website 2 APK Builder", with "Local HTML" mode you will be able create apps for offline use, using "Web URL" option enables you to create apps for your online content.
What is "Application Title"?
Application title, as its name suggests, is title of the app that you will create.
What is "Pckage name"?
In android apps, package name is the sole identity of an app, it should be different from any existing apps to avoid conflictions.
What is "Version Name"?
Version name represents your App's version.
What is "Version Code"?
version code need to be incremented each time you update an app on google play, usually it denotes the count of updates.
What is "App Orientation"?
You can set your app orientation to portrait, landscape or Auto-rotate, so that your users can handle your app accordingly.
What are "App Permissions"?
Android permissions are set of permissions that an app asks for while being installed on user's Phone, usually these are used if you need to enable or disable some special feature like GPS.
What is "Change Icon Button"?
This button enables you to change Icon of your app..
What is "App Startup Page"?
This option remains enabled only while you are creating apps with offline mode, here you can specify "index.htm" or "index.html" as your default startup page, this option has been used to prevent conflictions.
What is "About Dialog Text"?
About dialog text generally contains your Branding, however you may use it as it suits you best.
What is "Splash Screen & How to change it"?
Splash screen is app's startup screen, to change it click "Custom" on Splash screen options then click "choose" to select your PNG to be used as splash.
What are "Cache Modes"? How should i use them?
Specifically, there are three cache modes provided. First is No-Cache,it means your application won't store any cache. Second is Default, it uses default caching options and is the most recommended to use. Third is 'High Cache', this option stores all data as cache, after cachinig it will load all content from cache if not neccessary to load from network.
What is "URL or Local HTML Directory"?
You can select a local HTML folder that you wish to be converted into an app or you may also use your "Web URL" to convert it into an app.
What is "Duration at Splash Preview Window"?
It is time in milliseconds upto what you wants to display your splash screen to your users.
What is "Progress Wheel"?
Progress wheel is simply is loading icon, which runs while a page is being loaded.
What is "App Title Bar, Zoom Buttons & Side ScrollBars"?
Title bar option lets you display a title bar containing name of you app. Zoom buttons are only needed if your content is non-responsive and you wants to show users a buttons to zoom-in or zoom-out page. Side scrollbars are scrolling panes shown when your page overflows the application window size.
What is Text Selection, Long Clickable and WideView?
By text selection property, you can turn on or off text selection in your app. Long Clickable lets you enable or disable long clicking gestures on your application. WideView makes your oversized pages smaller to maintain the whole website content fit to screen without any scrolling.
What is Save Form Data?
This option lets you configure if your save should save form fill data or not.
Enable Flash?
Using this option, you can disable or enable flash for your application, By the way, this option has been deprecated in newer versions of android.
How can I get support for an item which isn't working correctly?
You can drop us a mail Here.
Find a bug, Report us!
To report a bug, You can drop us a mail Here..