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Some of your Questions:

Activation & License

When do I get my license key once I paid?
You will receive your activation key via email shortly after your payment is completed!
On how many PCs a license can be used?
A license key can be used in one PC on which you activate it first!
Will i get free Updates if i purchase Paid versions?
Yes, Be sure, All updates will be free for you while your license is valid.

Publishing Apps

How do I publish my apps?
If you are using Pro or Pro Plus Edition, you can publish your apps to any of favourite app store including Google Play using your own account, you are free to distribute and publish your apps.
How to publish apps on Google Play?
You will need a Google Play Developer Account to publish apps on Google Play.
Getting Certificate Error While publishing on Google Play?
This error is usually seen by users of free version, Pro & Pro Plus Edition allows you to create a fully google play compatible app, so that you don't ever face any such error.

AdMob & Monetization

How can I monetize my Apps?
You can monetize your apps with your favourite Ad-Network just by putting your AdMob Adverstising ID.
What kind of ads can be Integrated?
You can use both banner and interstitial ads to monetize your app. You will only need to input Ad-Unit ID to integrate AdMob.
How do i get ad payouts?
We don't pay for any ads, you and your ad-network provider probably AdMob is solely responsible for that.


How can I get support for an item which isn't working correctly?
We will provide you support via Support Center.
Can I participate to any related Community Forums?
You can join our forums Here.
Find a bug, Report us!
To report a bug, You can drop us a mail Here.

For custom Android App development services, you can reach us at: [email protected]